Open Cut Excavation in England and UK

Open cut trenching of water mains is one of North East Pipelines' core services, and we are proud of our track record on delivery.  Open cut utility installations have many benefits including the ability to cost effectively replace older or smaller pipes with larger piping, which increases the lifespan of an ageing system. 

Expertise in Pipeline Laying

We provide open cut pipeline services for a variety of clients across the UK including local authorities and commercial bodies.  North East Pipelines are well versed in working with any number of different ground conditions and large-scale projects provide no difficulties to our experienced team. For example, we are fully aware of the need to keep topsoils and subsoils separate to minimise costly claims from farmers and land agents and reduce drainage issues or environmental impact.

Combined with our management team, who have a dedication to innovation, our staff ensure that projects are always on schedule to meet even the tightest deadlines.  Our Health and Safety record is commendable, with a 100% onsite safety record, and this is thanks to our company-wide commitment to keeping considerations of the environment, the public and our customers in mind at all times.

Contact North East Pipelines for more information on open cut method pipeline laying in England and the UK.

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