Pipe Bursting Services for England & the UK

Look no further for an effective trenchless pipeline replacement service for UK customers. North East Pipelines Ltd use pipe bursting techniques to deliver effective trenchless solutions. We use five key pieces of equipment used for a pipe bursting operation:
  • Expander head
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Pulling rods
  • Pulling machine
  • Retaining device

Cutting-Edge Pipe Bursting Equipment

The latest expander heads have a leading end with a much smaller diameter than the trailing (or bursting) end. It is small enough to fit through the pipe that will be replaced. This smaller leading end is designed to guide the expander head through the pipe that is being replaced. Earlier models did not have this feature and occasionally lost course, which resulted in project failures due to incomplete pipe bursts.

The transition from leading end to trailing end may include "fins" that make initial contact with the existing pipe. Using fins as the primary breaking point is a highly effective way of ensuring that the pipe is burst along the entire circumference. 

A pulling machine is set in the receiving pit to drag the expander head and new pipe into the line. The head is pulled by a chain of heavy, interlocking links, each weighing several hundred pounds. All the necessary equipment used in a pipe bursting operation is powered by one hydraulic power generator or sometimes multiple such units.

Contact North East Pipelines for more information on our trenchless pipe bursting techniques available across England and the United Kingdom.

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