Pipe Insertion Services for England and the UK

Consider pipe insertion for an effective rehabilitation of ageing or damaged water mains without the need for disruptive digging. North East Pipelines Ltd are on hand to deliver a range of versatile trenchless solutions for clients across England and the UK.

How Pipe Insertion Works

We excavate a small pit at the beginning and end of the pipe that requires replacement. Next, a small section of the old pipe is broken out and a new, fractionally smaller, plastic pipe is inserted into the old pipeline and pushed along the section to be replaced.

The smooth surface of the new pipe ensures that the amount of water carried through the pipeline is not reduced by a significant amount. This technique is not suitable for all pipe materials, so please contact us to discuss the full range of water mains services that we provide.

Trenchless Techniques for Water Mains

Since the 1970s and 80s, there has been an increasing amount of attention focused on reducing the disruption caused by underground infrastructure networks including water mains. New techniques were devleoped in Europe and Japan to make installations, maintenance work, and repairs less obstructive. Known as "no-dig" or "trenchless" technologies, these developments for the water supply industry include:

  • Inspection systems such as remote CCTV inspections
  • Cleaning systems to restore flow without damage, including chemical and physical applications
  • Rehabilitation systems such as sliplining or pipe insertion
  • Replacement systems such as pipe bursting or moling

Benefits of Trenchless Technologies

Many people agree that there ar many advantages of trenchless technologies, including:

  • Increased safety for workers and public alike
  • Increase time savings
  • Reduced interference with neaby utilities
  • Reduced damage to landscaping and road surfaces
  • Reduced dust and noise generation

Naturally, service connections must still be excavated, but the overall disruption is significantly reduced.

Contact North East Pipelines Ltd for information on our pipe insertion services for clients in England and the UK.

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