Pneumatic Moling Services in England & the UK

Count on North East Pipelines Ltd's versatile range of solutions for water mains replacement and repairs. We use impact or pneumatic moling to install water pipes when open cut excavation is not a viable solution.

Moling Services

We utilise a pneumatic piercing tool, known as a "mole", to make a bore hole between two points. These points are usually 2m deep pits dug at the start and end of the area which cannot be excavated. The mole travels between the two points compacting and displacing the soil with compressed air.

Once the mole reaches the destination pit, then the pipe for installation can be pulled through the horizontal bore hole. The surface remains undisrupted and there is no displaced soil to be removed.

Contact North East Pipelines for more information on UK-based water mains services including moling. 

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