Polyurethane Lining Services for England & UK

Protect your pipelines with our polyurethane (PU) lining service. North East Pipelines Ltd use polyurethane liners to protect small diameter metallic pipelines from corrosion. We also safeguard man-entry pipes and tunnels agains corrosion using the same process.

Before applying the PU coatings, the host pipe has to be thoroughly cleaned of nodules, hard deposits and corrosion. When the pipe is debris-free, a better coating between the liner and the pipe wall can be achieved.

About Polyurethane Lining: an Impermeable Barriers for Pipelines

Spray-on PU linings will improve the host pipe's flow characteristics and shield it against corrosion. Thicker coatings can be applied to a pipe to offer a measure of leak protection and semi-structural integrity. PU linings inhibit corrosion by forming an impermeable barrier between the flow stream and the host pipe.

For small diameter pressure pipes (non-man-entry), a thin layer of PU can be sprayed on using a high speed rotating nozzle. In the majority of cases, both resin and hardener are fed through separate hoses. They are combined by a static mixer behind the spray nozzle. The forward speed and flow rate both control the thickness of the coating. 

The liners require careful quality control during application and curing. This ensures the lining carries no defects that would allow corrosion to occur. Typically, polyurethane spray liners cure after approximately 2 hours. 

PU coatings are also invaluable for pipe rehabilitation and corrosion protection of large man-entry tunnels, water, and waste water structures. Coatings are applied by hand or spray, and thicker applications offer a degree of leak protection and structural benefits.

Contact North East Pipelines for more information on polyurethane lining services for UK water mains.

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