Water Mains Repairs in North East England and UK

pipe on the roadNorth East Pipelines Ltd have under taken various large diameter cross country projects and are proud of our ability to have easements fenced, soil stripped, pipe installed, pressure tested, soil replaced and reseeded all in the same year.

Although trenchless techniques are the preferred option due to the reduced impact on the environment and cost savings, there has been a growing demand for new large diameter open cut projects and this is where North East Pipelines excel.

Water Mains Specialists

At North East Pipelines, we understand the needs of farmers/land owners. Having land drainage experience, we understand the importance of identifying existing drainage schemes on cross country projects so that they can be repaired quickly thus minimising drainage issues after completion. We recognise the need to keep topsoil and sub soil separate, which this reduces claims from land agents/Farmers and helps in the restoration process.

Some of these schemes include:

  • GUNNERTON PHASE ONE - 14km of 315mm mopvc Open cut cross country and highway. (Value 1.2 million)

  • GUNNERTON PHASE TWO – 12km of 450mm Ductile open cut cross country and highway. (Value 1 million)

  • ESH WINNING - 10km of 400mm pe Open cut in highway (Value 1.3 million)

  • LARGS – 6km of 450mm pe Pipe insertion in highway (Value 1 million)

  • PADFIELD PHASE TWO – 6km of 400mm pe Open cut and Directional Drill cross country and highway (Value 750k)

  • DUNHAM TO KNUTSFORD – 12km of 400mm pe Open cut and Directional Drill cross country and highway (Value 1.4 million)

Contact North East Pipelines for water mains repair and renewal services available across England the United Kingdom.

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